Learn the Handshake Induction made famous by Milton Erickson

Hey friend,

I tried for years to learn the Handshake Induction, and I was COMPLETELY frustrated. I got to the point where I thought it was all bullshit. I had searched the internet, watched amature online videos, and experimented on my own until…

“I FINALLY GOT IT once I watched this DVD!”

It wasn’t until I got Wingert’s Handshake Induction Mastery DVD that it all began to work. I’ll admit, I was confused as hell when I started watching that video. I didn’t have a clue what he was talking about, or what he was trying to do to me.

I was sitting there watching him, when I suddenly started realizing, that he was DELIBERATELY trying to confuse me (and he was hypnotically succeeding) so I would STOP THINKING and get out of my own way.

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Without his help, I couldn’t get results.  I was making it way to complicated.  His teaching methods are very Milton like, way out there, and that’s why they worked for me too.

I tracked him down, found him in Australia, and after 20 minutes of him sharing with me hard won insights on human behavior, trance and hypnosis, he summed it up this way.

“Learn the basics.  Study the  system.  Keep it simple.  Play like wildfire!  Those are the key to mastering INSTANT TRANCE”

“Just minutes into the video, I was seeing a method to his madness, and knowing I had made the right decision. Buying that RAW UNCUT video was the best thing I could have done.”

Now I had the keys to the kingdom!

I want you to know the absolute truth. Wingert is not a miracle worker. So don’t expect him to plug you in and DOWNLOAD his 20 plus years of STREET SMARTS into you Matrix style all that you will ever need to put people into trance instantly – or to levitate for that matter – or to make others do your bidding.

“It works like Magic — opening doorways to new Hypnotic Realities.”

Rapid Inductions and Covert Trance. I lost count how many times the poor guy in the video gets tranced out.  Wingert  is absolutely BRUTAL to this guy. But the best part is that Wingert does over a dozen variations on the Handshake Induction LIVE to this guy. It’s hilarious to watch, and amazing to do it yourself.

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REMEMBER, that was just 2 minutes of a 58 minute LIVE DVD video!  Imagine what you are going to learn while watching it!

I placed my order, and just days later when the priority mail envelope arrived, I felt like a kid on Christmas morning.   I ripped it open and excitedly put it in!  I was blown away, and my wife was cranked.  I watched it 7 times that weekend, and fell in love with what was possible, really possible with COVERT INDUCTION MASTERY.

Wingert was rambling about something I didn’t quite understand at first, then the poor guy getting tranced out comes on stage, and…

It was too wild, so I called my best friend up and told him to drop whatever he was doing and get over here. We started watching it and we couldn’t wait to get started. About half way through we were both trancing out (yes, he’s that good) so we shook it off, stood up and started hacking – doing Handshake Inductions on each other.

NINETY minutes later, we went to the mall.  (Might as well just do it!)

I wish I could tell you that I did put the most beautiful girl I had ever met into a DEEP TRANCE that day, but she didn’t. But man we had a blast! And YES, it does work!  We watched that DVD over and over, did what Wingert was DOING and started SAYING things the way he said them – STARTED ACTIVATING SOMETHING DEEP inside our minds.

What amazed me most was that I could tell, from day one people were responding to me differently, and that I was well on my way to becoming a something like a real life Master of The Force!

“This Video isn’t perfect, it’s not scripted, it doesn’t have ANY editing at all. I would never buy this video again – except for one thing. This out of production ANCIENT VIDEO of Wingert’s is The Best Demonstration AND Instruction on instant trance I have ever seen!”

This DVD video isn’t pretty. And his hair isn’t even combed nice. So why is John Wingert’s HandShake Induction DVD considered the absolute best video EVER on instant trance? Could it be it’s BECAUSE IT WORKS!

Live on video, you’ll see poor Mike go into INSTANT TRANCE more than 23 times.   Wingert is just brutal with this guy.

“Learn STEP BY STEP what it takes to master non verbal trance inductions and how to do them effectively and invisibly while laughing your arse off!”


“If you want to master INSTANT trance, you have to learn The Handshake Induction.  This is one of the BEST Inductions ever!

Weird! But it works!”

“Don’t buy this DVD if you want something fancy, or a big seminar. Get it to get what John Wingert does best. Instant deep trance and Milton Erickson’s famous handshake induction.”

–CW, Oregon State

Think about it. If you don’t get this DVD of his Today…

  • If you don’t get this DVD today, you can continue using language patterns to induce trance, working way to hard and sounding way to weird. Chicks love that buckwheat!
  • If you don’t get this DVD today, you can take another $1000 weekend seminar, and visit Goofy in Orlando. Get your picture taken with him while your there!
  • If you don’t get this DVD today, you can dumpster dive the net looking for something, anything… that will maybe work, wasting your precious time.

“My 7 year old grandson walked in on me watching this last Saturday. Entranced! Later, he was outside in the yard doing this to his friends! I wish I had THAT on video!”

Get this time-tested STREET PROVEN VIDEO today and LEARN:

Learn The Handshake Induction. Easily!   STEP BY STEP. These are the keys to mastering ALL nonverbal trance inductions!


You get Wingert’s hilarious “HEAD SHAKE Induction”. He uses the HeadShake Induction as a great party induction, putting pretty girls into trance ALL THE TIME… Making the crowd go wild with anticipation!

“He is the master of BOTH weird instant trance and covert command tonality.”

“Watch and learn from this DVD how to master your tonality to induce and ANCHOR TRANCE!”

The First Minute The Handshake Interrupt DVD IS A PATTERN INTERRUPT!  You’ll be laughing your arse off once you’ve realized how he gets you right from the first minute! One week back in 2003 he got 37 emails and phone calls about this! PRICELESS! Get HandShake Induction now before Wingert Pulls the plug FOREVER.


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